Ready to come about!


Change is always good and CIP is evolving. Today we have launched our new website!!!

Our focus this coming season will be our camping packages, our boater’s kits, and group packages. We will offer our individual day packages during peak season and special events.  Our new site reflects our new tack.

We started CIP in 2013, Julia’s strength in retail marketing, customer service and accounting developed and honed over 40 years. Me, with 40+ years in restaurants, catering, institutional food management, cooking and chef duties. With all that, the 6 years of CIP service has been constant and ongoing learning and development.

Often the true professional or artist make the work they do look deceivingly easy. Cooley they navigate the twists and turns, avoid the pot holes and distracted drivers always on time always on the mark. This only happens when planning, experience, drive and dedication are merged into a cohesive well-oiled machine.

Might seem easy to make and deliver a sandwich to the dock. From the outside it is easy to miss the amount of time necessary to develop that sandwich which needs to be made hours ahead of time. The bread, fill, build, packaging and storage all have to be just so, that the client who ultimately has it for lunch is satisfied! We have received only 5 star reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google. We also have the support of Park management, Visit Ventura, Island Packers and Nature Conservancy.

3 different kitchens, 6 different bakeries, a couple of fires, a flood, a government shutdown, changing staff, the transition from  Provisional Use Permits to Exclusive Contract, we have delivered. Trip cancels, we deliver to the hotel, fire closes freeway so we drive to Ojai to get around.

The hours of research that goes into every part of our packages, the transport bags and coolers, the snap lid containers, water bottles, our linens and cutlery. From our check in table and our return box, all the result of experience and all to enhance YOUR adventures!

neal rosenthal