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All thing must pass

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

After 6 seasons of preparing meals for Island bound adventures Julia and I have decided that CIP will no longer provide this service. We have really enjoyed sending people with great food out to the park and supporting their adventures. We have appreciated all the support from the community as well as the companies the sent us referrals.

Instead, I have taken my retirement and intend to spend much more of my time sailing Malaya and doing a little professional cooking and food related consulting. I will be available to do small dinner parties in homes of on board yachts as well as helping small business entrepreneurs with menu development, food and service refinements and concept development. My goal is to spend at least 50 days sailing this spring and summer and as many days out at the islands as Julia and I can. I would also like to participate in the McNish Classic Yacht race which I haven’t been able to the last 2 years due to the necessities of running CIP and perhaps even race Malaya in the other classic boat events throughout Southern California.

I will be using my new web site to blog about food, sailing and my stream of consciousness on topics that I find of interest as well as a place to post the photo images that I make.

Stay tuned.


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